Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chicken Rice with Uncle Rich !

Hi there peeps ! Ah boy is back with his musings this time with my new found partner in crime (erhem lunch ba) .... so i decided to do a short interview of uncle rich for some of the younger readers to hopefully absorb a bit from :)

So background info , some of y'all might know uncle rich from reading his blog , for those who haven't , nvm ah ken now intro to u! LOL , uncle rich is a working adult , a retail investor like most of us , and also married

(my female readers , sorry lar , nvm , u ask uncle rich match make for u also can :p )

So yea, some of y'all were saying that my singlish musing a bit *sue sae after the last post in more standard ang mor , so , singlish is back !

*(lose the 阵 , dialect to english translation you go figure la)

Long story cut short lar , here it goes.

I asked him 11 Qns , let's see his answers!

Picture courtesy of Auntie Rich !

1) Investor / Trader / Campuran ( Bahasa? )

Ans: I am still pretty new to investment and hence still focusing on being an investor.

2) Let us understand more about you! Your style , background stuff like that , in your style ah , don’t anyhow hantam ! Fav stuff etc lor.

Ans: My name is Richard and I[am a middle age uncle (like you like to call me) which started the stock investing journey not long ago (last year). I am still having a full-time job and hence only invest during my free time. My background is in IT and never think of investing during my younger years (maybe due to my kia-si-ism). Oh, I am a proud owner of my blog :  
[afternote frm ken: i call him uncle rich nia , no middle age uncle wor , this part he hantam one lar]

3) Now that is done , moving on , please give an aga aga estimation on  CURRENT PORTFOLIO SIZE , & desired portfolio size. Mai Kia , put the sky also can , also if possible , the types of asset classes inside and whether u wanna expand it (local or global type?) !

Ans: As I still consider myself a newbie, my portfolio size is only around $20K (including CPF Fund), not interesting at all. I am looking at increase it to $50K this year. My main focus will be on equities and REITS 

[see, i bring u all variety leh , dun say i just put shares hor!]

4) Okie , so how long do you think you will need to achieve that?

Ans: By year end
5) Done any will? Legacy planning etc? Is it of importance to you?

Ans: Haven’t done any will but since I only have one wife and no kid, so, might not be so complicated ;-)
[ken whispers to reader : " anyone wanna be his god-son or daughter? bway pai leh kekeke]

6) Anything you would have done differently towards your investment journey if you had the chance to turn back the clock?

Ans: I will start the investment earlier. But again, I might flop big time… ;-)  Ya, I think need to gain the knowledge first, if I start earlier and anyhow hantum (like your motto), I might not be that lucky ;-)

7) BEST BUY(s)  / WORST one(s) [Burning Qn right , i also know :p ]

Ans: Facebook (US stock), no worst one yet as I have not suffer any materialised loss so far (paper loss is Super Group)

[note frm ken : uncle rich huat ler , FB going up up up , USD chiong ah! Time to go for mbs buffet with uncle rich ler , on him ! ]

8) Advice to younger peeps
Ans: Invest within your means and never leverage on what you cannot afford to loss i.e. cause you sleepless night.

[this time i get someone to be the messenger , so won't be so boring , everytime also i say... sianz also ]

9)What is your daily routine like? Got check news bo?

Ans: As I am still having my full time job, so the usual daily routine : breakfast, commute, work, lunch, work, commute, dinner applies. In between, facebooking and news consumption.
[He got his market news in 2mins? daily thing i think , can go and read , macam the news , but no need watch tv ]
10) FA / TA ( Fundamental Analysis / Technical Analysis )
Ans: FA! TA too complicated for me !
11) How did you find your first buy in and advice to those who are gonna make their first buy in? 
(i know a few of u going to ah , so pls see what uncle rich has for y’all )

Ans: My first buy is Straco and I bought it because it was in the news first, after that I did my own assessment and noticed that the price is right (I bought it at $0.58) and with reasonable dividend. As for the advice, try to buy the counter that you are familiar with (or at least try to get yourself familiar 
with it before buying, by reading up their annual report etc..).  

Oh yah , lemme know in the comments below who you wanna see interviewed next using my way :) Also , please share or leave a comment if you've enjoyed it :)

Well , that is it from me .
Till next time

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Trading = Playing with fire? Investing = The SAFE way out?

Hello fellow human beings , ken back with his random thoughts of the day :)

The topic at hand : Trading = Playing with fire?
Investing = The SAFE way out? 

This happened about 2-3months back? Didn't have the time to blog then , ah boy was having exams.

Characters Involved:

1) Me
2) Auntie A
3) Auntie B
4)SA -Son of Auntie A
5)SB-Son of Auntie B

Convo lasted about 5 mins

 I was just q-ing outside this financial institution to draw cash (nicer way to term a bank lar , ken now upgrade the engerish standard can or not? :p ) u know , the one with that red ship one yea, the one lar .... So Auntie A was putting in her $ for an ipo counter and was telling her other friend that the son is very good at trading wor (ah boy kaypoh ma , cause the q so long , wait until i can q for old chang kee curry pok on sundays and come back leh , can imagine lar , sure salary release day one -.-) then Auntie B was saying wah , trading bery bery high risk wor ! Son A must either be big huat or big red lor , Her son B , was on the other hand investing and seems quite safe to Auntie B, then Auntie A siad safe, not safe , make $$ can liao ma !

I didn't reply ,not because i see ppl no up ah , ah boy was dead beat after my papers :(  so i just withdrew cash and ciao le

If Ah boy wasn't tired and had a bit of time to spare

*Ah Boy narrates to myself that day*

Me: Hello Aunties ah! Wah here macam coffee shop wor , the both of u add up together minimum 100yrs old le , still wanna 比来比去 tak boleh tahan leh! I ask u all ah , SA trade for what? got a goal in mind? Also, SB invests for simi , got goal or not?

Lesson from this story:

Be an INFORMED Trader/Investor

Be sure of your time frame!

You need to know what you're in for , i've repeated this line like countless time (ken is becoming a broken tape recorder soon , yar )

You can earn loads of $ but without a goal , a purpose , u are a headless fly , a rich one lar , albeit.

For a trader (RETAIL) : know the following

A) Your EP (Entry Price) 

B) TP (Take-Profit price)  

C) SL (Stop-Loss) 

D) LIMIT! (Hello, doesn't mean u got 2M , you dump 2.5M into it leh!)

For an Investor (RETAIL) : know the following

A) The Various ratios (Quick , Debt to equity , Liquidity etc.) 

B) The Enterprise Value of the Biz and strip it DOWN part by part to see if the Biz has enuf to sustain ops for one year at least after HALVING its  cash and liquid assets :) 

C) Know the Management (Advice from Mr X, a HR veteran, don't know? check out my previous post.)

D) The Industry's heading / bearing / general direction , obviously when u pick counters don't pick a jialat jialat one lar , or a sunset industry unless the company is doing something innovative and right , and obviously need to earn money lar , don't suka suka slide close to 15% in profits in a quarter la(u know i know who experienced this lar) :p

E) If you're in for the long run , better monitor the dividend yield , for short and long term , pls pls look for the growth potential.


Your $ is your $ , dun dump it into the market because of some "guru" and when the call doesn't come thru , you have a just made yourself a roasted suckling pig (delicious for the banks and yr creditors to eat wor!)

DYODD lar (Do Your Own Due Diligence)


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The views expressed in this Blog should not be used as financial advice. Accuracy of information in page cannot be guaranteed .

Readers need to do their own diligence.

I bear no undertaking in the information provided and for any losses incurred directly or indirectly based on the views expressed in the Blog.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Spare Ribs Noodle with X , My Ta Baos from it.

Hi Peeps

  Ken back with my musings of the world , from my perspective of course. So i was having spare rib noodles for lunch with investor Mr X :) and naturally our conversation drifted to investments and what makes a company or rather a counter worth buying into. we both contributed ideas as to what factors we consider when we buy into counters . For X , it is growth potential , high growth potential.

The counters better have the possibility to wake up and flip a minimum of 2 times in order to be considered for MR X 's list. Let's begin proper with the lessons i've learnt from mr X then, shall we?

1) Do your own research ,know the figures and how it is calculated.

Example 1:

 Liquidity ratio calculations

Example 2:

Dividend yields need to be reflected in accordance with current trading prices , if not , you'll judge a counter's performance based on past info , for traders and real-time investors , you'll look for ACCURATE ON TIME information.

2) Multibagger within the time frame of 1yr or bin it. (His style , not for me , mine is anyhow hantam lar)

Learn to let go of counters that are underperforming , put them in a list of "K.I.V" counters and review them once in a while :) The time might not be ripe yet , also binning it reduces the risk of liquidity being tied up there, STOP LOSS when necessary , follow your exit strategy !

3) Do stuff that is necessary , don't overkill though

Come on , you're not him all right? Big Boy?

Buy in at your comfort zone, don't shoot finish the clip to realise your ammo supply is out.

Life lessons from X:

1) Always be humble and nice :)

You will never know when you will meet your benefactor :) so yea, playing the nice card helps

2) Treat one like how you will treat your closest family member and you will find unexpected stuff.                   
(A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow maybe?)

Well Cheerio till the next time , for retail investors , let's come out for kopi sometime , drop me a comment or add me on facebook :)

KendricK Goh (Ken)

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Entrepreneurship: My thoughts , My lessons

Hi there

  Ken is here again to reflect . 2014 has been a mentally exhausting year (oversized teen don't have much physical activity lar) . from starting out to involving myself in two businesses  , starting my own biz, the journey has been tough , but rewarding. This post is meant as an extension of my conversation with a friend of mine (Ryan , this is for you.) , also , it is meant for Branson , and possibly all of you out there who are unsure whether to embark or continue onto the road less trodden.

ps. this post shall be more coherent than many of the previous posts due to the use of more "standard" english rather than singlish. However, i'll still try to make it as palatable as possible.

So here goes my 6 lessons so far in the journey of entrepreneurship.

1) This is the path less trodden upon .

You possibly need to prepare yourself mentally , for the sleepless nights, wondering whether this path is worth it , whether your direction is right. In my own words:
"Entrepreneurship is a 200% thing. 99% shots in the dark , 1% success , 99% determination , 1% big break"

I'm still figuring my way around this path , without a mentor , this makes it twice as hard but twice as rewarding . 

2) You'll see the good , the bad , and the downright ugly.

Most of the public only know about the bright side , upside and glorious side of an entrepreneur , but do you truly know the rejections , stone walled and possibly even sarcasm laced "feedback" that you obtain from some of your closest ones when you first start , not everyone has the blessing of the entire village to start up , but you have got to do what you've got to do!

Often throughout the course of your journey , you'll have awesome clients , awesome friendship for life, then on the flipside , skeptics , reluctant investors sometimes , and worse , the snobbers , come to think of it , i should really thank these snobbers, for snobbing , if not , i wouldn't have made it today , i wouldn't even dare to make it today. My tip for you , soldier on , and possibly share with someone you trust , and know that you can find support and comfort and not solace in., because if you find solace , then you're still not prepared for what's next on the road! You really just have to suck it up and move on.

3) Don't make castles in the air , build it on land!

The quote below best explains the message that i'm trying to bring across.

Don't dream too much! Take that leap of FAITH , keep that FAITH , it is one of the few things that will keep the fire burning inside you.

4) You better know your stuff well, real well.

Now i'm not talking about steak here , so when s*** gets real , you better have your expertise to back you up and the guts to stand your ground if you're cornered by a venture capitalist or an investor , because afterall you wanna make it up to the big stage to share your idea and your stuff to the world, or for when ever you need to present.

5) School of hard knocks!

I was at a gathering back last month , then one of the lecturers in my school , fyi for those who don't know , i'm still a poly student, albeit an oversized one -.-  back to the story. The fella is a biz start-up module lect. so he was reading a book on entrepreneurship and i told him straight in the face: "the best book for that is not the one you're reading. The best school you could possibly go to for entrepreneurship or biz in general is the school of hard knocks!  so ditch that book and make your kids do more action rather than going back to the drawing board." 

I still remember till this day , someone once told me : "a product that has been through the drawing board 2-3 time will still be at the drawing board for more than 10 times if you don't throw caution to the wind and release it, only then will you tweak your product to suit the users "


When you've made your mark and achieved enough to help people , do help , or even better , when your biz is well expanded and you wanna take a break , mentor a budding entrepreneur , INSPIRE someone :)

Here's a song for you to listen , just feel the emotions and read my post again. You'll have something more :)

Cheers, here's ken signing off , till next time 

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bull or Bear? YOU decide

Hi peeps

  Ken back with my naggy nonsense again. So a few days back while i was having a mac meal with a friendly engineer cum trader , investor and another young investor (yes dext, this is for you ) , these terms consistently popped up.

(Ps. Please bear with my musings in singlish and for those that don't understand , uncle google is there and i learnt from a friend that there is a singlish online guide? LOL, enjoy)


Notice i put both terms in green? It's for a reason and the topic at hand today is PERSPECTIVE

You see ah , one can b* and tell you that oh , oil is dipping , bull is running on WS and APAC is looking uptrend la bla bla bla .... i'm not saying that they are wrong , but what i'm saying is , are you vested wrongly ? 

Or is your portfolio not suited for the current climate? What i'm saying is that people know how to tweak their portfolios , so should you! TBH , u wanna whack O&G when the market is having diarrhea , allow me to call the emergency services for you, thereafter , you pick up the tab! This is exactly what is happening , you're some people's lifebuoy , i quote le friendly engineer " the market is fair " . Behind every george soros are scores of goondu sotongs that got thrown into the deep fryer er...air fryer la , now healthier , no need use oil (pun intended)  

1) See ah , when eg. oil is plunging , look for bargains la , doesn't mean it plunges then u look another way!

Mai Kong Wa Bo Jio , your eyes open big big , see which sectors looking bullish setup or whatever setup and u jeep into it BASED ON YOUR JUDGEMENT , don't say oh ... so and so guru tell me to buy in wor! (Auntie who was midnite shopping at the hypermart, if u are reading this , this is for you) See pic below , or i intro u the latest i phone 6plus ? Sure make your trading more shun one ! i sell u 1000sgd plus 2500 warranty ai mai? (warranty for one day only!)

Don't wanna monitor or moody or need to go grocery shopping then don't cao cao suka suka , just follow the 'tips' wor , scarli is the blind leading the blind ! The market work for almost 5 days a week , GLOBALLY , mian kia , mai kia , 24hrs give u also scared yr hands not enuf dexterity wor! 


Hello , doesn't mean that oil is plunging , means everything is plunging leh! SOMETHING SOMEWHERE MUST BE GOING UP RIGHT? LOGIC RIGHT?

USD leh? EURO leh? GOLD leh? Silver leh? Tech shares leh? Renewable energy leh?

Stick to your goals, tweak your battle plans!

Makes sense? 

3) FOLLOW some of our valued investors , lepak one corner minum teh susu , or teh tarik , or teh o , whichever gam chye :p 

HELLO , TRADING IS NOT 24/7 365& 1/4 days der! 

You are a human being , pls chill one corner and rest or go walk walk , keep emotions in check and then come back lor , or best still, build up ammo by doing research (YOUR OWN ONE) and wait and sit for the right timing to jeep! 

OK , this is it peeps , just a short post from ken , cheers till the next time and see the quote below and listen to the song(s) for those GEN Y , pls listen to both versions (unless u hate techno) and for those GEN X , please take a listen to the non-techno version , and the techno one too, if you like it :p



Till the next time



Thursday, January 1, 2015

FA / TA : Uncle to Teen , Your Questions , My Answer!

Hi peeps , boring Ken is back with another entry .

Background Story: Uncle Rich on Facebook aka investopenly in the blogworld :p  :

" Ken why not share about why u personally like FA over TA? It is not that either one is better, just want to see a young mind's view on this, eh sai boh?"

Ken's reply is as follow , i'll ask you this qn first : 

" you want to follow the mother hen and be protected or learn on your own? "

I put the 2 pics below for illustration lar , which one would you pick?

"Bloody heck , i'll take number 2 man, look how stylo this kid looks! #SWAG "

Now , no one is accusing anyone of being a mommy's boy / daddy's girl here . Point in case being , experience being in the market lar , if you don't take that first step , you'll probably hurt yourself even more . To be awfully honest , my style is chapalang , anyhow hantam style . I rely on my gut feel more than others for my picks , my trades , even my investments. 


HOWEVER , to do that , before you even wanna try that , i quote a convo i had with a BB a while back : 
"You better know your sh**"  

My 4 steps to getting your style right is this :

1) Wake up your ideas! The right ones arh!

To be an investor / trader / player / BB , you need to learn FA AKA FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS , you better dust out your old finance books or hit the books or internet on ways on how to read a financial statement , analyze data and to get a sense of the industry and general market wave . 
(This one is especially important for TECH / Oil & Gas related counters, because they are so darn volatile!)

2) Always make sure you LOOK at the REAR-VIEW MIRROR! 

Hello , after getting the FA foundation , take on TA as a new perspective of looking at things , another pair of eyes . READ UP on terms like moving average , moving average convergence divergence (MACD) , Exponential Moving Average etc. Don't know , ASK! We have so many people you can ask , a lot of TA Zai Kia out there , you have UNCLE RICH , UNCLE RUSSIAN Gun, Uncle Japan etc etc lar , look at the financial blogs and ASK! I'm sure they are more than willing to share , if not worst come to worst , there is the National Library! 

Don't come and ask me ah , about TA lar , i know how to see charts and stuff , but not interested , because it is boring and seems darn tedious to me , i do a cursory glance and yar , that's about it. 

"Take note arh , he is an oracle , but he is also berry berry staedy for 180 degree kebalakang puseng one!"

NOW, let's take a moment and listen to this song and reflect on the points mentioned above , btw fyi , i pro-govt one! Don't suka suka sabo me ah!

3) Summary judgement! AFTER step 1 and 2 completed arh!

You need to make your first buy in already! Don't try , you never know, 不试不知道,试过才知道, tak try tak boleh la , try already then tau lah! REMEMBER , don't be DWA POW SIAN ah! 大炮仙.

4) Don't be SWAYED ! 

Remember this : YOU and YOU ALONE are 

responsible for your own choices , people may provide their 

opinions but remember , it is free , TALK IS CHEAP , you'll 

pay the price , so instill in yourself the determination , the 

thought , to repeat steps 1-3 and look for the finest detail 

that the counter might not make it ! Whether you're a trader , 

investor , player , operator , Big Boy , it doesn't matter , what 

matters is that when you've made a call , a choice , you 

better stick to your guns and set a STOP LOSS too ! You will 

have found that by then your instincts would have been 

sharpened , remember , the road ahead is long , don't ruin it 

because of one lazy judgement. 

Ps. listen to the songs , might have some unexpected results 

while reading this post for the second time :)

Till next time :)


Oh , last song (if you understand , take a moment to enjoy! 

Have a great year ahead! Happy 2015!)

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