Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stuff I've learnt over the past year , stuff you can learn from or get a refresher .

Ah , b4 i begin to even rant, Happy CNY ! HUAT AH!

Moving on liao, this is a self-reflection post (enough of financial posts for now , you have my blog list la , visit one of them :p ) , so for those that can't tahan long granny stories (kidding!) , read on. Those who can't tahan ah boy's style ? Obviously you wouldn't be here if you can't tahan la huh...

1) Be TRUE to others and yourself 

This is definitely applicable to all aspects of life. Before starting out on commerce , back in my secondary school days , i used to be a lot more reserved , i don't usually put this out, but i learnt over time that putting out the real you has been very beneficial in terms of boosting a bit of self-confidence and also , it also helps you to allow others to understand you better , because , when you don't speak up , others don't know! Treat others like how you would treat yourself , only then will people begin to open up to you , and you will understand them better.

2) For the right circumstance , use the right speech language  :) 

On my blog , social media accounts , by and large , i'm a bubbly kid , but there are definitely times when i need to talk shop. My point : Don't be afraid to talk shop when you need to , remember , you are an equal when you step out into the world :)

These times , it is especially more important and crucial to watch your speech , posture , etc etc , as the video below will show :)

3) Pay respect when it is due. 

There are a select few that over the years have shaped me and over the years even though i have not been regularly keeping in touch , during CNY , i'll still pop by their residences for a cuppa and hand them two mandarins as a sign of respect , it's my small way of saying thank you , what's yours?

4) Allow yourself to learn.

Keep an open mind, be humbled , learn new and refresh your minds with the experiences gained daily, an old dog still can learn new tricks ;)

Have a great year ahead.
Ps. Drop me a comment or two :)

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CNY Eve post , what you can learn from food!

Hi there ah, happy cny in advance to you all who are reading first. Sorry for not blogging quite a bit , was busy with assignments and stuff. Now, let's get it started proper shall we ?

So every year , my family will have a simple steamboat meal , nothing fancy , nothing to shout about but the amount of quality time spent is impossible to monetize.

So ah , ah boy is going to talk about food today , have you ever wondered how many of the companies that produce , retail or distribute foodstuff is listed locally (for this post we look at local la ah, ah boy hungry liao , wanna go eat steamboat soon) ?

Ah boy has this weird habit , whenever i see something that piques my interest such as idk....i was doing some cny grocery shopping at **** and ** (same day 2 diff. supermarkets) , then i saw this canned peach can.

Being curious i actually went to google and find out if the co. was listed anywhere on any exchanges , so i found out hosen was listed and del-monte was also listed! (del-monte APAC i know a while back , cause i watchlist it for a while , but for hosen , i didn't know! )


Now , i'm not inciting or enticing or whatever coerce , force-selling you to buy their shares , but ah boy just wants to say , while having fun , open your eyes, be it foodstuff, lorry details etc, you never know what you will find out from a name :)  ya, u saw that right , i saw the 800super garbage truck then i googled one , i swa gu ma... dunno got so many counters listed on sgx ;p 

Ah boy shall open my oyster bay 2013 merlot for cny lo kekeke! With that , ah boy would like to thank all my readers, for this past few months, hope i haven't bored you too much ah! Drop me a comment ;)  I wish all readers happy cny , huat ah!


Cheers & Happy CNY !

Ken (Ah Boy)

Pics from google , year of the goat coin by me.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Winner/Loser ? Reflections of a half-bucket trader

Ken again back with his nonsense , those who are sleepy already , please turn in for the night.

Pre Warning : the amount non-standard and grammatically incorrect language used in this post is enough to fill an olympic sized swimming pool with saliva , because what i'm saying here might not be what some of you might expect.


Over the short time that i've been a small time trader , i've learnt these lessons and i mean each and every single word of it from the bottom of my heart.

**Oh yah , got song for y'all to listen somemore :) **

1) There will be a LOSER. 

No matter what one tries to sweet-talk, sugar coat things , it is an iron-clad fact , even when you profit from the market , you are taking away a less adept trader's $ . Simple as that , even if you nick away a BB's $ , it is only a small mini mini sum . Comparatively , if u nick away the same sum from a retail trader , it should be quite a sum ! Now don't around BOASTING ah , sharing is still ok , know where to draw the line , being true and humble always has its merits , remember , every dog has its day , 风水轮流转啊!

Ps. not being sexist ah!

2) It is always a continuous learning journey and the curve is damn steep man!

So? What do you do? You put on your darn A-Game and do the best you darn can and concentrate to reach your daily monthly hourly yearly whatever goals lar ! Then , be cautious ah , dun say ah boy bo hor warning , u see what happen to the world economies ? Yar , BEWARE !

Well That's all the naggy Ken has to preach today, peace out and HUAT AH ! Remember , do more charity work , helps u to lift your mood too! :)


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