Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I'm Unemployed!!!! For a day that is.

Yo !

Ah Boy is finally "UMEMPLOYED" !! Funny leh , unemployed and yet i'm so happy.... i know what you must be thinking... this ah boy siao liao ah? For me , being unemployed is one of the happiest thing that has happened to me , because i've finally graduated from my studies!!

Damn , after endless nights of nightmares , i finally turn from full time student to .... unemployed.

Well for my off day , i decided to KLKK ( Hokkien for walking around ). An acquaintance alerted me to a news article a while back in the papers , with a portfolio shown every week done up by CFA professionals as part of a moneysense initiative , a short 2 hour seminar will be held every 2 monthsor so ba. I also managed to meet up with my accountant , to settle tax issues (Remember to file your taxes soon ah! ) and also to do a bit of business reorganisation as part of my portfolio review.

For the most part , the seminar focused on enforcing or rather instilling the discipline that young investors would probably need and also emphasized that regular portfolio reviews are required no matter what stage of life you're at as the markets are always moving!

Moreover one of the Qns posed during the Q&A session made me think a bit more.... would buying preferential shares = buying a bond ? In fact i think buying pref shares might be a bit more "bang for the buck " especially in Singapore where the major list co.s with links to Txxxxxxx would be similar to a AAA Bond?  Also it provides for more liquidity and maybe a smaller capital outlay and be more accessible to the regular retail young investor as compared to maybe the Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) or other SGS bonds??

Please feel free to comment and air your views in the comments below.